Connecting your site to buffer

Log in to facebook

  • Log in to your facebook account

Log in to buffer

  • Open a new tab
  • In the new tab go to
  • Click Log-in

  • Put in the email and password I sent you

Add your page to buffer

  • Click on the Page button under the facebook heading.

  • You will see a list of all the pages and groups you run, including your personal profile. #
  • Choose the page which is related to the website we are building, where you want content to be automatically posted.
  • Click on this page in the list.

Log out of buffer

  • You will have been automatically returned to your dashboard after adding your page
  • Click on My Account (top right)

  • A menu will drop down
  • Click on Sign out

You’re done! Email Anna and let her know!


Adding more option boxes to your screen in WordPress

For most of my Clients, when I set them up with an account on their site I tweak what options they can see when they are writing a blog post, to make sure that the interface is as simple and relevant as possible.

However, as their site grows in size and complexity, more options might be used/needed. Here is how to add some more boxes of opetions to your screen. We will start with adding the box for tagging options, as this is usually one of the first features I will set up for clients as their site grows.

These instructions assume you are using a desktop or large tablet computer.

Step one

Log in

Then go to Posts > Add new

Step two

On the Add a New Post page, click the Screen options tray right at the top of the page.

Step three

Select the new boxes you have been suggested to add. In this case, categories. You can add more Boxes if you want, but adding items you don’t need yet will clutter up your screen when you are blogging. My suggestion is to always have only the minimum number of boxes on your screen (that’s what I do personally).

Step four

Close the Screen Options tray by clicking on Screen Options again. Then check out your new box of options!