Price guide

Freelance and Consulting

Below are our standard day rates. They can be negotiated to suit specific projects and occasional discounts are possible if we have extra capacity.

Weeks Pre-bookedDay rate*
12+ weeks£200
8-11 weeks£250
4-7 weeks£300
0-3 weeks£350

Websites and Design

Here are some sample/average prices for websites and design work. Prices vary depending by e.g. size of website, number of domain names, complexity of branding needs and number of people to liaise with.

Website hosting (eco friendly)£120 per year
Basic website set up & design£300
Configure basic site for community engagement, minimised workload and collaborative contribution£335-450
Logo design and colour scheme

*Standard Terms

  1. Discount based on length of project are only available with pre-booking. Booked days/weeks do not have to be consecutive to be discounted.
  2. Discounts can not be applied retrospectively to hours already worked through deductions or refunds if a project runs long.
  3. However, additional days can be billed at the applicable reduced rate if a project runs long, going forward. For example if a 6 week project booked at £300 day rate runs past 8 weeks, days will then be billed at the discounted rate £250 a day going forward.
  4. The standard day rate covers equivalent of 1 person working a maximum of 9 hours per day on average.
  5. Hours may be rolled over, within reason, i.e. for up to one week. However unused hours/days outside of this flexibility are billable unless prior arrangement is made.
  6. Hours may be split between multiple Gingerling Design freelancers for speed/efficiency, including multiple people working together intensively to meet deadlines as needed.
  7. Overtime, i.e. hours worked above of 9 hours per day average may be charged at £40 per hour.
  8. Projects requiring more than the equivalent of 1 person working a maximum of 9 hours a day are acceptable and can be quoted with a day rate reflective of the number of people required.
  9. Invoices are paid within 30 days, late payment may incur percentage penalty. Payment is defined as funds being in our bank account and cleared rather than payment sent. The late payment fees start at 5%.