We provide consulting, project management, web-design and branding for charities, churches & heritage organizations. We use Open Source technology to reduce costs, future-proof and empower our customers.

Gingerling Design & Consulting is lead by Anna Morris, who has 10 years experience in computing, Open Source and business. Anna has a broad skill-set, suited to organizations needing an agile yet comprehensive approach to projects.

Over the past three years Gingerling Design & Consulting have worked with:

  • The Church of England
  • Momentum
  • Heritage Trust North West
  • Archbishop’s Council
  • National Estates Churches Network
  • Thy Kingdom Come
  • Edgar Wood Society
  • A wide range of churches, community groups and small businesses.

We Provide:

  • Project management, for example:
    • Migration of digital content: large scale, manual & with restructuring or new meta-data schema
    • Untangling of complex legacy data or content: legal archives, email targeting systems, metadata
    • Restructure of old website & digital presnce to suit new situation: new organisational structure, new community requirements
  • Web-design, management of websites and integration of social media
  • Technical specifications, bug reporting & trouble shooting
  • Branding and logo design
  • Documentation, technical writing, teaching & training
  • Marketing, campaigns, social media & customer service
  • Digital community management
  • Video editing and subtitling
  • Open Source tools and collaborative working practices