Our Team

Here is a little bit about the people working with Gingerling Design. We are a friendly, family-run business with a broad range of skills and attention to detail.

We’re based in the North West of England and have clients from all over the UK, with focus on Churches, non-profit and community projects as well as heritage and local history organisations.

Anna Morris


I’m Anna, the Gingerling Design project lead.

I work with clients to scope out the project and advise on strategy. I then come up with a methodology, time-line and costings. Once the plan is agreed and it’s full steam ahead you’ll find me doing anything from large scale archive/structural projects to logo and website design, training days or email marketing.

My degree was in Psychology so it’s a strange path that lead me to working in IT, mostly I just where I was needed and was very inquisitive about how things work!

I now have 10 years experience working in Open Source, digital community management, email marketing, branding/design and managing/designing websites. I like pineapples, cats & koalas.

Joe Morris


I’m Joe, I’m a part time Gardener and full time science geek. My background is in Chemistry.

On projects, you’ll often find me dealing with organising large amounts of data in spreadsheets and occasionally I get drafted in to help Joey with data entry too.

I like computer games, Sugru, magnets, carnivorous plants and my dogs.