Gingerling Design provides consulting, project management, web-design and branding. Our client base consists of charities, churches & heritage organizations. Our style is:

  • Agile
  • Comprehensive
  • Open


Our working style is flexible, collaborative and refreshing; we are both highly engaged and low-maintenance. For example:

  • We make a solid plan
  • But we change the plan quickly if there’s a problem
  • Your key goals are our focus
  • But we prioritise unforeseen urgent issues if you need us to
  • We get the basics delivered quickly
  • Then take time to work on the finer points
  • We collaborate and advise whenever you need, we will tell you if we spot a problem
  • We use fast, casual communication: we are low-maintenance team-players
  • We use team spreadsheets and cloud tools to keep your up-to-date when you’re on the go


Gingerling Design & Consulting is lead by Anna, who has 10 years experience in IT, Open Source and business engagement. Between Anna and the rest of our team we have an exceptionally broad skill-set. This makes us best suited to organizations needing a comprehensive approach. Our experience covers:

  • Project management (large projects lasting 3 months plus)
  • Web-design, management of websites and integration of social media
  • Technical specifications, bug reporting & trouble shooting
  • Open Source tools and collaborative working practices
  • Documentation, technical writing, teaching & training
  • Digital community management
  • Branding and logo design
  • Graphic design and printing
  • Marketing, campaigns, social media & customer service
  • Video editing and subtitling
  • Spreadsheets, administration tasks, bookkeeping with quickbooks


We use Open Source technology to reduce costs, future-proof and empower our customers. Examples of tools we are familiar with include WordPress, Drupal, Linux, GIMP, Inkscape, Firefox, Next Cloud, Prestashop, Thirty Bees and Android.

Because of our background in Open Source software projection, we are skilled at working with technology. This includes helping you to liaise with other technical people/organisations as either an intermediary or through product testing or project management.

Our Clients

Since 2017 Gingerling Design & Consulting have worked with:

  • The Church of England
  • Heritage Trust North West
  • Archbishop’s Council
  • National Estates Churches Network
  • The Edgar Wood Society
  • A wide range of churches, community groups and small businesses.