Campaign Infrastructure for National Political Organisation

In early 2020 Gingerling Design worked on Momentum‘s phonebanking infrastructure. This included setting up a new integration between NationBuilder and CallHub, unlocking new features and maximising data impact/efficiency. Momentum then gave the Rebecca for Leader Campaign donations in kind of staff time. Gingerling Design was brought in on the Rebecca For Leader campaign to use our knowledge of the phonebanking infrastructure to configure their telephone canvasing. Finally, we created an 50 page manual and accompanying video, documenting the use and functions of the NationBuilder / CallHub integration.

Integrating NationBuilder and CallHub

Our first task for Momentum was to configure and test an integration between two substantial pieces of political advocacy software: NationBuilder and CallHub.

CallHub is phone banking and texting software for political campaigns, nonprofits, advocacy groups, and businesses.

It needed to be integrated with the (legendary) Momentum database in NationBuilder. NationBuilder is feature-packed political CRM software used by a range of campaigns (including both sides of the Brexit referendum in 2016!).

Later, a separate NationBuilder “Nation” was set up to securely accommodate data from the Labour Party, made available to the Rebecca For Leader Campaign. We configured the integration between that second Nation and CallHub.

Integrating these pieces of software unlocked a range of new features which have been used by the Rebecca Long Bailey leadership campaign.

We worked with the Momentum technical team and liaised with both CallHub and NationBuilder on this project.

Increase efficiency of data processing

We researched and tested the best ways to create targeted regional phone lists in NationBuilder, then set up the several hundred filters ready for use in the leadership election.

We worked with the Campaigns team on the content of phone banking surveys and created additional opportunities to utilise the resulting data.

We set up the phone bank surveys and configured a corresponding voter ID metatag schema. In doing so we removed any lag in accessing data from phone banks, creating a “real time” workflow.

We worked on two substantial data-sets, the Momentum Database and the Rebecca for Leader database. This required a good understanding of privacy/ GDPR laws and regular communication with the data protection lead at Momentum.

Internal Documentation

We created a 50 page manual, with accompanying video, documenting the integration between CallHub and NationBuilder, with processes, bug reports and case studies. Using Anna’s background in the social sciences and existing momentum policy, we integrated a best practice guide for survey writing into the manual.

In agile campaign organisations, it is vital to keep knowledge within the organisation so technology can still be used intensively as the staffing numbers expand and contract to suit the campaign circumstances. This manual bought together the knowledge gained by Gingerling Design during the project with that of several key staff members, to ensure continuity.

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