Bespoke Icon Set for Thy Kingdom Come

The new Thy Kingdom Come (TKC) website is now live and uses a bespoke icon set made by Gingerling Design.

Open Source website

Not only does the new site look stunning, it’s also built with user friendly and future proof Open Source tools like Drupal and Mapbox. Yet another outstanding digital asset for an already award winning campaign. The Icons themselves were also made using 100% open source technology, including Inkscape, Firefox developer tools, gpick and Fedora Linux.

The Spec

Thy Kingdom Come required a set of icons to differentiate the three event types: Prayer Event, Beacon Event and Cathedral Beacon Event. The icons needed to be visually simple and also both culturally and denominationally neutral; TKC is an ecumenical project. They also needed to fit in with the existing theme and branding.

The design

Prayer Event Icon

We started with the Prayer event, creating an icon which could represent a house, church, community centre or school. TKC prayer events can take place in any of a variety of settings and it is important this is reflected in the icon.

Beacon Event Icon

The Beacon Event icon needed to be more representative of a Church, in particular a larger church building because this event type describes collaboratively run TKC events with several churches working together.

The building needed to be culturally neutral too. Anna’s knowledge of church architecture was helpful here, allowing her to avoid adding any features that are e.g. too western or too Catholic, for example.

The building represented icon could have pillars and a nave, or just a tall door. It could be a long, tall building or a squat building with thick walls. Therefore it is broadly representative of a range of Church architecture.

The “Beacon” pulsing from the cross atop the roof is taken from the TKC logo, which is deeply symbolic in itself of the purpose of the Campaign.

Cathedral Beacon Event Icon

The Cathedral Beacon event icon is also architecturally neutral, especially as it can appear both Western or Eastern in style depending on the perception of the viewer.

We also used an uplifting accent colour taken from the existing website branding. This colour has otherwise been used sparingly, mostly for Call To Action buttons on the site.

Eastern and Western Cathedral Examples

Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, Armenia
Wells Cathedral, England

See the Icon set in action

You can see the logos in action on the Thy Kingdome Come website on the events page – or in the videos below.

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