Logo and website for Saint Marks Church

A new logo for Saint Marks Church, Stockland Green. The logo is based on their new stained glass window. We also built them a new website, shared with their sister church.

St Oswalds Knuzden

St Oswalds is my mums church, and the very first website I made for a church. It’s a really mature site now so it can really help inspire you for what, after some time and work, your own churches website can be like. It’s warm, welcoming and full of interesting content. If you would like…Continue reading St Oswalds Knuzden


Techie Heaven is a youth group I run at St Marys church in Clitheroe. I created the branding, fliers and website. If you would like a site or branding refresh like this, please get in touch for a quote.


Churchpress.co.uk is a knowledge sharing and documentation site I have built for churches who use WordPress for their website. It contains useful training guides for users and administrators of these sites.


I am a vicars daughter who is good with computers: I know how to make tea‚Ķ and websites. Having seen the Church from both sides of the vicarage door, I understand the pressures and challenges faced by vicars, lay leaders and the needs of the congregation and local community too. With 10 years experience in…Continue reading buildmychurch.website