Logo and website for Saint Marks Church

Saint Marks Church, in Stockland Green, Birmingham, did not have a website or logo.

The church wanted a logo which was meaningful to them: they asked us to create one based on their new stained glass window, designed by a parishioner.

The window is too high up to take a photograph for the logo, as we have done before with St Mary’s Church, Clitheroe. We therefore agreed to create a logo based on the original drawings for the window.

Left: Original drawing for stained glass window. Right: New Logo, a digital version.

While the original drawing is beautiful, it’s not big enough to use as a logo on things like banners and signs, so a digital vector version was needed.

We then built a new website for Saint Marks, as part of a project with their sister church All Saints.

All the blog posts and news about Saint Marks will be displayed both on their own page and the shared news feed for the parish.

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