Freelance project manager – legal document archive transfer to Drupal 2

Following the success of a previous project, I was asked to tidy up and move a second archive of 650 legal documents dated 2000 to 2010.

The end result of the project is the following two pages:

This project required an understanding of the workings of General Synod, including the structure and contents of documents in order to be able to spot errors in the archive.

Work included

  • Designing a workflow, filename and metadata schema
  • Downloading and renaming each PDF from the old archive
  • Checking the contents of each document match the title and description
  • Creating a list of missing titles and merging in any that could be found elsewhere
  • Uploading them to the new Drupal website
  • Tagging, naming etc
  • Creating new pages with drop-down sections for each conference
  • Creating lists of the files, matching the files to the conference
  • Linking to the files using html
  • Checking the work

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