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Connecting your site to buffer

Log in to facebook

  • Log in to your facebook account

Log in to buffer

  • Open a new tab
  • In the new tab go to
  • Click Log-in

  • Put in the email and password I sent you

Add your page to buffer

  • Click on the Page button under the facebook heading.

  • You will see a list of all the pages and groups you run, including your personal profile. #
  • Choose the page which is related to the website we are building, where you want content to be automatically posted.
  • Click on this page in the list.

Log out of buffer

  • You will have been automatically returned to your dashboard after adding your page
  • Click on My Account (top right)

  • A menu will drop down
  • Click on Sign out

You’re done! Email Anna and let her know!


Adding more option boxes to your screen in WordPress

For most of my Clients, when I set them up with an account on their site I tweak what options they can see when they are writing a blog post, to make sure that the interface is as simple and relevant as possible.

However, as their site grows in size and complexity, more options might be used/needed. Here is how to add some more boxes of opetions to your screen. We will start with adding the box for tagging options, as this is usually one of the first features I will set up for clients as their site grows.

These instructions assume you are using a desktop or large tablet computer.

Step one

Log in

Then go to Posts > Add new

Step two

On the Add a New Post page, click the Screen options tray right at the top of the page.

Step three

Select the new boxes you have been suggested to add. In this case, categories. You can add more Boxes if you want, but adding items you don’t need yet will clutter up your screen when you are blogging. My suggestion is to always have only the minimum number of boxes on your screen (that’s what I do personally).

Step four

Close the Screen Options tray by clicking on Screen Options again. Then check out your new box of options!

St Marys Clitheroe is my local church, where I run a youth group and volunteer in various other ways. This website is quite new and is a good place example of what a basic site from is like. In a few years it will be more like which is a more mature site. I also created the logo for the site, based on a beautiful stained glass window depicting Mary Magdalene in the church, and undertook extensive social media integration to minimise the workload for the already stretched team. If you would like to get a site like this for your own church, please get in touch or go to to learn more.

St Oswalds Knuzden

St Oswalds is my mums church, and the very first website I made for a church. It’s a really mature site now so it can really help inspire you for what, after some time and work, your own churches website can be like. It’s warm, welcoming and full of interesting content. If you would like a site like this for your church you can contact me from

I created the specifications, content, strategy and launch materials for the site in 2016, while working as the phpList Community and Marketing Manager. is a sister site of, which I was also involved with. The site was new, but needed to handle a lot of content that was formerly on The site contains a user manual, forums and various community on-boarding and engagement tools and mechanisms. The site was built by Mariela.

I did the specification, strategy, content and launch materials for the website refresh in 2016, while working as “Community and Marketing Manager” The project included a complete redesign of a large and long running site, including splinting it between two domains (see also and increasing conversions/sales of visitors. The design is by Tarek Djebali.

Ethical Pets is a webshop I run with my partner. I did the specifications and branding for this site. The branding includes plasticine models of animals and flowers. I also have produced high quality, creative fliers and banners for the site using my skills as a graphic designer. If you would like some assistance with creating a successful and unique brand for your company or project, please contact me. The website itself was built by James Starkie, a very good friend of ours who is not only a talented designer and web developer but also a film maker and animator.

We made a video together for Ethical Pets, check it out below.

Arts and Crafts Church

The Arts and Crafts Church is a stunning masterpiece of Victorian design… art nouveau with a modern light interior. A Sunday School and lecture room and an ‘outside room’ garden complete a unique Arts & Crafts composition. These Long Street buildings are a perfect example of Arts & Crafts architecture, redefining church and school design for the twentieth century. Enthusiastically published from Germany to California, they are a testament to Edgar Wood, the architect who laid the foundations for art deco and modern design. Located at the heart of Middleton’s Golden Cluster, they are one of four outstanding listed buildings that can be visited by individuals or groups.

If you have a heritage project or group and would like a website like this, please contact me for a quote.

I am a vicars daughter who is good with computers: I know how to make tea… and websites. Having seen the Church from both sides of the vicarage door, I understand the pressures and challenges faced by vicars, lay leaders and the needs of the congregation and local community too.

With 10 years experience in community and marketing, content production, campaigns, research and strategy, I have developed expertise in helping communities grow their on-line presence without unnecessary work or duplication of effort. I build affordable websites which are low-maintenance and high-impact.

For more information or to request a quote please see